Katie Craighill

Excerpted pieces from “The Feral Interior”

all pieces from “The Feral Interior” are subtractive monoprints, on paper, and measure 20”x20”                                            

“The Feral Interior” Part 1/9

“The Feral Interior” Part 2/9

“The Feral Interior” Part 3/9

“The Feral Interior” Part 4/9

Katie Craighill was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but raised in the comparative wilderness of Sewanee, Tennessee where she developed an affinity for wildlife and the natural world, which took root in her artwork. She graduated from Bowdoin College in 2017 with a degree in Biology and Visual Arts. With that, she possessed an unshakable drive to explore the intersection of the two subjects and the relationship between humans and nature.

She currently lives and works in Portland, ME and continues to grapple with the perceived divide between humans and nature in her artistic practices. She says of her work, “Through my art, I strive to promote awareness of place, our place as humans in the natural world, and the importance of conserving the ecology therein.” She started her own small-business freelancing and screen printing her own original designs onto apparel and also offers original prints and drawings on paper and stationary. Her work includes screen prints, ink drawings, monoprints, and etchings.

Malasaña | Hudson, NY| Cargo Collective | Portland, ME | 2021